Introducing Free at Last in Nechells

Free at Last is a Birmingham charity that helps children, young people and the wider community of Nechells.

Where is Free@Last?

Free@Last is located on the corner of Cattells Grove and Nechells Park Road in Nechells, Birmingham, B7 5PR.

Free@LastFree@Last from Nechells Park Road (January 2023). Photography by Elliott Brown


In brief

As they state on their website:

"Free at Last have been providing a wide variety of opportunities for the children, young people and adults for many years, from adventurous activities to enterprise, therapy to advice. Free at Last enable and equip people to become resilient and independent, and support them through the challenges life puts in their way, and help them uncover their purpose and be content."

free at last

free at last

free at lastFree at Last Nechells (November 2022). Photography by Jack Babington


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