Introducing Friends of Green Open Spaces

Following the huge interest shown in a collective promotion of green open spaces, we are delighted to introduce you to "Friends of Green Open Spaces". 

What do we mean by Green Open Spaces?

For an area to be identified as a Local Green Space, it has to meet the following criteria from the National Planning Policy Framework:

- it's reasonably close to the community it services;

- demonstrably special to a local community and holds a particular significance, for example because of its beauty, historic significance, recreational value (including as a playing field), tranquillity or richness of its wildlife; and

- local in character and is not an extensive tract of land

So many people, proud of their local green open spaces, are keen to promote these spaces but also share the challenges they face and the solutions to these challenges.

This can include:  

How to attract and retain volunteers.

How to set up a Friends group or a litter collection group.

How to get the most out of social media and create and share digital content.

How to keep their Green Open Spaces free of litter. 

Birmingham We Are is here to help promote your Green Open Space, we are here to connect people and we are here to share experiences, challenges and opportunities.

Connect with us. 


Project dates

02 Feb 2023 - On-going


Environment & green action, Rivers, lakes & canals, Green open spaces


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Jonathan Bostock

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