Nechells We Are - an initiative of YourPlaceYourSpace is a digital space where people can connect and engage with the neighbourhood and community of Nechells. It is a Birmingham We Are (YourPlaceYourSpace) initiative.

Nechells We Are is brought to you by YourPlaceYourSpace, specialists in the making, shaping and promotion of place, both with and within community.  Connect with YourPlaceYourSpace and engage, inspire and involve your community.

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Join a wonderful team of people who are passionate about their place and love to share their passion through photography and all forms of digital content. In return, let us share with you, a complete suite of digital tools to promote you and your neighbourhood.

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As a sponsor and a partner of Nechells We Are, you will be taking a lead role in engaging, inspiring and involving the community in the future of Nechells. You will be helping to provide and grow a digital space for community to collectively make a difference.

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Following the success of our platform across Birmingham, we are now looking for partners to engage, inspire and involve people across the city’s neighbourhoods. Partners will be given full access to a suite of digital tools and interactive maps to showcase place.

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Project dates

18 Nov 2022 - On-going


People & community


Your Place Your Space

Jonathan Bostock

0121 410 5520